We live in a world that constantly creates new requirements for companies to not only protect their employees and capital equipment, but their intellectual property as well. Increasingly, your reputation as a dependable firm rests on your ability to protect your own assests as well as those of your clients.

Access Control – Controlling access to a port of entry in a physical area.

Biometrics – The ability to use the physical characteristics of an object, such as an eye, to identify a person or animal.

Smart Cards – An identification card containing an integrated circuit allowing it to receive and store data, which gives it limited microprocessor intelligence.

CCTV – (Closed Circuit Television) A private television and video network, often used for monitoring facilities.

Intrusion Detection – The ability to detect the breach of a perimeter, often occurring at points of entry.

Systems Integration – The ability to integrate and control several sub-systems via a common interface.